Our Philosophy

Just as a loop is repetitive, we believe a consistent, daily skincare regimen which includes cleansing, moisturizing, and SPF coverage is foundational for healthy, youthful looking skin. Loop Skincare offers a line of trustworthy products formulated by pharmaceutical chemists and backed by science that one can easily loop into her skincare routine to improve the appearance of aging skin. We consider it an honor when a customer trusts our products to nourish her skin.

         Our Story

Loop Skincare was founded by pharmacists with a genuine interest in skincare and a desire to offer trustworthy products at a fair price.

As both pharmacists and consumers looking for quality skincare products, we grew frustrated with the lack of transparency in today's skincare market. A loosely regulated cosmeceutical industry allows for vague labeling and does not require studies to prove efficacy. Thus, many product labels are unclear about ingredient potency and make empty claims. And while there are reputable products on the market that contain active ingredients at therapeutic levels backed by studies, they often come with a price tag that is unrealistic for the average consumer looking to invest in her skin.

As compounding pharmacy professionals, we wondered if we could create a line of over-the-counter skincare products to fill the gap that exists between “affordable but not necessarily effective” and “produces results but very expensive.” We already had a compounding laboratory equipped to make formulations in a safe and clean environment. Additionally, we were able to access formulas backed by studies and we had the ability to purchase raw ingredients that go through rigorous quality control. We decided to leverage these resources and founded Loop Skincare in April of 2022. After more than a year of testing formulas, sourcing packaging and designing labels, we launched two flagship products, our Brightening + Hydrating Serum and Smoothing + Nourishing Night Cream. We look forward to testing and launching more products to further serve our customers' skincare needs.

         Our Values


Our clinical backgrounds greatly influence the products we formulate and our small batch production process allows us to keep the quality level high.


We strive to eliminate confusion with clear and concise labeling regarding the active ingredients and potencies in our products as well as educate consumers on how these ingredients impact the skin.

Skincare, not skin repair

Aging is inevitable, but we can age intelligently. We believe a consistent and intentional skincare regimen will foster healthy looking skin for years to come.